Lockdown Litfest Partnership with Boxser Diversity Initiative Aims to Help Promote Inspirational List of Writers and Speakers to a Wider Audience

Lockdown LitFest is delighted to announce it has formed an ongoing partnership with The Boxser Diversity Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes open discussions of diversity and inclusion.  The Boxser Diversity Initiative has brought speakers and scholars to its community in Southwest Florida and has become known in the region for being at the forefront of fostering discussion of some of the most challenging topics of our time. The mission of Lockdown LitFest has always been to bring together writers and readers from around the globe. This partnership will give it a leap forward in bringing some of the most fascinating thinkers and writers working in America to its stage. It will also enlarge the audience for the talks the festival has already published.

Lockdown LitFest is launching this partnership with three events this week. Further interviews are already in the pipeline.

Wai Mun Yoon, co-founder of Lockdown LitFest, said: “This exciting venture with The Boxser Diversity Initiative is the first of many partnerships to fulfil our ambition to showcase the diversity and depth of authors around the globe, and provide an international audience for the local authors we feature.”

Commenting on this new partnership, Dan Boxser said: “This partnership with Lockdown LitFest is perfect because it allows our authors and speakers to communicate to a wider audience.  In many ways, a virtual platform is even more powerful than a physical one because, instead of having two or three hundred people at an event, we can have 3,000 people worldwide. What we are trying to do is totally universal.”

Watch videos of the events here.

About Lockdown LitFest

Amid Covid-19, social distancing and self-isolation, many cultural events have had to cancel or postpone. Literary festivals, theatres, music gigs, book groups, school visits by authors and more are in disarray, leaving audiences disappointed and authors without incomes. In response, the Lockdown LitFest was launched to offer author interviews and a wide selection of other cultural content to keep everyone reading, entertained and inspired in these troubling times and beyond. The festival has already hosted nearly 50 interviews with some of the most famous writers working today, including Ian Rankin,  Joanne Harris and Gianrico Carofiglio.

Currently free to view, and with the whole team working pro bono, Lockdown LitFest would be delighted to hear from culturally minded angels and benefactors who might aid them in their ambition to pay and assist writers, many of whom are struggling financially with the loss of their live event incomes during the COVID-19 crisis. There is also a Patreon page for audience donations in lieu of a ticket price for events which can be found at https://www.patreon.com/lockdownlitfest

Find further details at LockdownLitFest.com and follow LockdownLitFest on all social media channels.

About The Boxser Diversity Initiative

The Boxser Diversity Initiative promotes diversity and inclusion to encourage a better understanding of the racial, religious and gender groups in Southwest Florida. It has brought world-class speakers, commentators and scholars to the Sarasota / Manatee area.  You can find more details at https://boxserdiversityinitiative.org/

For further information, please contact info@lockdownlitfest.com or call Alex Hippisley-Cox on 07921 127077.