Project 180: Ten Years Old Today!

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With a behind-the-scenes interview and photos from March 2nd

In the past decade we’ve grown from a shared vision to a thriving organization that serves inmates in five counties and provides leadership in educating the community about prisoner reentry. Thank you for your support through the years and for being a vital part of this important work.

The Honorable Charles E. Williams, Chief Judge of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, recently collaborated with Project 180 to educate the community about the effects of incarceration and reentry on the family. Judge Williams interviewed Strong Voices keynote speaker Joyce Arditti, PhD in the historic courtroom at Sarasota’s old courthouse. Manatee Educational TV (METV)’s Charles Clapsaddle and crew were on hand to film the interview about Professor Arditti’s research on the effects of parental incarceration. You can view it by clicking on the link in the article below.

If you missed the luncheon on March 2nd, we’ve also included a link to the full-length video of the lecture followed by photos from the day. Many thanks to METV’s partnership in filming the interview and lecture.

Click here to find out about our upcoming lectures and learn about children of incarcerated parents who number over 300,000 in Florida alone.