It has been over a month since we held our event “The Freedom Riders Their Relevancy Today” at The New College of Florida. Over 250 guests attended the event.

Thank you for the great compliments to The Boxser Diversity Initiative

  “The Diversity Initiative offer the most challenging and interesting programs! Last evening, once again, you have created a superb program that brings Sarasotans together.”

“ Please know how grateful I am at the quality of programming that you bring to Sarasota. The Boxser Diversity Initiative is a great blessing to   Sarasota.”

“I think that the work that you do with the Boxser Diversity Initiative is unique and incredible for Sarasota, one of the richest counties in our State. Your programs show the other side of the coin, where very refine minds come to challenge our comfort zones and open up to discuss issues of our past history and our present life.

We need more of the educational programs specially directed to our young minds, future of our country.”

“Last night and today was magical. I’m grateful to have met you and Litten. As both of you have provided unbelievable experiential learning opportunities to my and my students” (Principal of Booker High School)